I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but honestly, this blog is for my lazy days and I have NOT had a lazy day in a LONG time.  A few things that have happened since my last post: I had a birthday, I graduated from graduate school, and I got chickens.  Which brings me to today’s post:


Mathematically, it adds up for me.  When Chip asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I said a pig; that got shot down.  So I asked for goats; that got shot down, too.  Finally, I said chickens; that response was “as long as there isn’t a rooster.” From that statement on it was game on.  Within a few weeks, I had gone to Heretick Feed & Seed in Old Town Petersburg and picked out eight adorable little chicks: two Silver Wyandottes, three Rhode Island Reds, and three Golden Comets.

So, let me introduce y’all to the girls! Lady, Ruby, Hattie, Yogi, Dixie, Queen, Kit, and Nell. 18222291_10155319882212360_1918052159369129162_n

I got them when they were a few days old, and over the past five weeks, they’ve lived in a giant rubbermaid tub in our dining rooms/spare bedroom/screened porch.  I made the tub myself (why buy when you can DIY?), and the thing had PLENTY of space for the girls.  If you’re in love with the idea of getting chickens, I totally recommend following these instructions to make your own.


In the meantime, I knew I would need somewhere for them to live long-term because, as much as I love them, they weren’t living in the house with us forever.  That’s where Chip’s initial birthday question comes back into play.  Once I got him on board with getting the girls, THAT’S when I made my ask: can you get me/build me a chicken coop?  He went back and forth with the idea of buying one and building one until one day he realized we had enough buildings at our house to make one of them into the chicken coop.  The winner: the old milk parlor.  She’s a real beauty, huh?

The main thing we had to do was clean up all of the growth on and around the structure, and fix/fill in an gaps that would encourage critters to come through to try to get a free snack.  After several Sunday afternoons (and a lot of Dairy Freeze and beer), the place was cleaned up and looking pretty darn good!

We went ahead and enclosed the giant opening (thanks, Chip!) and filled the inside with sand (thanks, Dad!) and moved the girls in a few weeks ago! So far they’re loving it!

Chip even got to put his Pinterest skills to good use and make me this nifty feeder to put their feed in!

We probably won’t start getting eggs until some time in July, so between now and then, we have a few more finishing touches to put on the place: a fresh coat of paint, an outdoor run, a few more roost bars, and a waterer that will be a bit more efficient than us filling a bucket.

Until then, the girls are happy they are outside in their new home (so is Chip) and love meeting new friends! So if you’re debating on whether or not to join the chicken club, stop on by anytime!


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