I’m in my mid-twenties, and I’m trying to do my best at adulting.  It’s going OK so far.

I live in Virginia in the same county that I grew up in.  Some people don’t like living in a small-town, but I can’t imagine living my life anywhere else.

I’m engaged to an amazing man, Chip, who (in true small-town fashion) was the same boy that took me to my high school prom.  We live in an old farmhouse with our two dogs, Champe and Sadie, and our two cats, Phillip and Morris.

I love a lot of things: history, owls, eating meals with family and friends, reading, Michelob Ultra, dogs, chocolate covered pretzels, fishing, fresh vegetables, old cookbooks… I don’t like beets, math, balloons, snakes, or deviled eggs (I know, totally a Southern sin).

I’m all about finding a bargain and giving old things new life. I always have projects going on (both big and small), and I always have even more floating around in my head.

If you’re interested, check back often for new posts about anything from removing years old wallpaper to growing an eggplant.

Peace out girl scouts,